Vidmate v6.0.0

Do you like using an app which shows you the videos? If you also like watching videos, then you need to download the app called Vidmate. If you are not aware with this app, then it is an app through which you can watch the videos online easily. The app has more than 10000 videos available in it. It has different genre videos available and you can watch all the videos for free here. The app is big and has a huge database where you can find all type of content available. Indeed, it is a great app to use. If you want to watch a video, then using this app would be very easy. Now let us talk about the features of the app.

Features of Vidmate v6.0.0

1. Vidmate is a free of cost app so that you can use it for free.

2. The app has an option to download the videos you stream on it. You can easily stream the videos you watch and download it so that you can save it in your device.

3. The app Vidmate can also share the videos with your friends with a click. You only need to click once and the videos will get shared to your friends in a click.

4. You can also watch live TV in the app has the app has many channels streaming available in it to stream.

How to download Vidmate v6.0.0?

To download the app, you need to click on the link given here.

Download VidMate

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